Howard Newman is an artist who has produced sculpture, paintings and drawings, and his work is represented in many museums. 

In 1995, Mr. Newman wrote about his work "My sculptures and paintings serve me the way paper and pen serve a writer. The pieces do not illustrate a story, they are the story itself, as an ongoing dialogue".

Writing about his work in the New York Times, Grace Glueck wrote "Newman's drawings are virtuoso. In them, geometric solids are elaborated into humanoid sculptural forms that, with collage bits and fragments of writing, create  fantastical meditations on anatomical structure.


Howard Newman's works are in the following museums:

The Smithsonian

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

I Museo dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italy

RISD Museum

The Newark Museum

The Brooklyn Museum of Art

The Newport Museum, RI

The Virlaine Museum, New Orleans

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Oklahoma

Gibbs Museum of Art, Charleston, SC