David Libor was born in Brno, Czec Republic. He demonstrated his talent as a sculptor when he was in his teens, and received commissions for his work in Moravia. There are a number of his out-door sculptures in Piestany.

Libor fled Czecholslovakia after the Russian invasion in 1968, and went with his brother to Paris, where he quickly became friendly with important artists there. Libor was friendly with Niki de Saint Phalle and Francois-Xavier Lalanne. 

Libor sculpts his abstract pieces in stone, with great sensitivity to the material. His talent was quickly recognized, and he received commissions from the City of Paris, as well as from private collectors. There are several of Libor's pieces in the private collection of former French Minister Mitterand. In 1969, hi work was shown in Paris as part of the Exposition des Sculpteurs Tchecoslovaques at the musee Rodin in Paris.